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At Workrol, we are passionate about empowering e-commerce success as an integral part of our Shopify Plus service. With specialized experience in web design for both the B2C and B2B sectors on the Shopify platform, we offer cutting-edge solutions that will transform your online presence. We are your trusted ally on the journey to success in the digital world. With us, you will find strong collaboration, effective strategies, and an unwavering commitment to turning your online aspirations into a successful reality.


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Our principles: Innovation, Transparency and Collaboration.

Principles that motivate us.

At Workrol, we recognize the importance of values ​​as fundamental pillars. Guided by our passion for e-commerce and digital marketing, we value honesty, creativity and collaboration. These fundamental principles are the cornerstone of our approach, allowing us to establish strong relationships with our clients based on trust and commitment. With a strong work ethic and a commitment to excellence, we not only provide professional solutions, but also become true partners on your path to online success. Explore more about what drives us and how we stand out in the world of e-commerce.

The assistance you need, right when you need it.

At Workrol, we understand that on the path to success, unexpected challenges often arise. That's why we're proud to be your trusted partner, offering you the help you need at just the right time.
Web design specialized in Shopify
Innovation in progress

Web design specialized in Shopify

Elevate your online presence with our Shopify web development service. We create custom, attractive websites designed to boost your e-commerce success.
Digital Optimization: Elevating your Online Presence
Boosting your online presence

Digital Optimization: Elevating your Online Presence

Our digital marketing expertise will propel you to online success. Make the most of your visibility and reach your target audience with proven and effective strategies.

Our Customer Community

Our clients' stories are living testaments to the expertise and commitment we offer at Workrol. Your words are the best proof of our dedication, and we are deeply grateful for your inspiring comments.
Alvaro GuerraFounder, Pneuma

Amazing web design team. They transformed our vision into a spectacular page. Highly recommended!

Vanessa AflaloFounder, Green Tomato

I highly recommend their web design services. They have significantly improved our online presence

Ricardo GayosoFounder, Bykel

Excellent professionals in creating web pages, in addition to adding extra value to the project and being aware of all doubts. Their work is 100% recommended!"

Daniela CastroFounder, Aromané

It has been a pleasure working with Workrol . Very fast, friendly and professional. The project was completed as agreed. Totally recommended.

Saul RamosFounder, Good Geard

Very good communication , and the design was very consistent with the references and color palettes that were requested. Likewise, any changes or questions that arose were made without problems.

Victor Andres Alvarez DueñasFounder, Burger Town

Excellent experience. Extensive knowledge of Shopify web design, combined with flexibility and commitment. Highly recommended.

The Evolution of Workrol over Time

Our Trajectory in the Business Panorama
Our Humble Beginnings in 2019

In 2019, Rolando Vanegas founded Workrol with a clear vision: to drive success in e-commerce. Since then, our mission has been to offer innovative and strategic solutions to online brands. Our approach is backed by over 7 years of industry experience, allowing us to offer a strong and reliable service to our clients.

The Establishment of Workrol in 2020

In 2020, we took a crucial step by formalizing our agency. Working closely together, Rolando Vanegas and his partner and co-founder, Elimeleth Escobar , established Workrol as a full-service digital media agency.

Continuous Growth

Since then, we have experienced continuous growth and evolution. Our team has increased in number, our expertise has been strengthened, and our partnerships have expanded significantly. We are committed to staying at the forefront of e-commerce, constantly adapting to offer innovative and effective solutions to our customers.

Dedicated to your success

At Workrol, we deeply value the power of collaboration. We strive tirelessly to make your projects a reality and achieve your goals online. Our commitment is to be your trusted partner on the journey to success in the digital world.

Our Humble Beginnings in 2019
The Establishment of Workrol in 2020
Continuous Growth
Dedicated to your success
Web design is just the first step.

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